Penne Arrabiatta (V) £7.95

Classic dish of fresh chilli & garlic in tomato sauce (Very Spicy)


Lasagne al Forno £8.95

Oven baked lasagne


Spaghetti Bolognese £8.95

In a rich sauce of tomato, minced beef and herbs tossed in spaghetti


Tagliatelle Carbonara £8.95

In cream, bacon, black pepper, egg, parsley and parmesan cheese


Penne Diavola £8.95

In tomato sauce, sliced Italian pepperoni, fresh garlic and chilli


Tagliatelle Montanara £9.95

Long pasta in mushroom, garlic and tomato sauce topped with 4 King prawns & touch of cream


Cannelloni £9.95

Oven baked pasta with spinach and meat topped with Bolognese & béchamel sauce


Tagliatelle Siciliana £9.95

Long pasta in chicken, pepper, fresh garlic, chilli and tomato with a touch of cream


Penne Bellini £9.95

Sautee of mushrooms, chicken, in a white wine & cream sauce


Penne Salmone £9.95

Penne pasta in tomato sauce and fresh salmon


Spaghetti Meatballs £9.95

Classic sauce of tomato, spicy meatballs and herbs


Tagliatelle Roma £10.95

Our house special pasta dish of Tiger Prawns and Courgette in cream sauce


Penne Della Casa £10.95

Norwegian prawns in a tomato & onion sauce with just a hint of cream topped with a king prawn


Spaghetti Marinara £11.95

Mixed seafood in fresh garlic, olive oil & black pepper & tomato sauce