Happy Hour Menu

Happy Hour Menu
Happy Hour Menu (Not available on Concert days)
Monday - Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Garlic Bread £3.95
Garlic Bread & Tomato £4.45
Garlic Bread & Cheese £4.95
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad £3.95
Tomato & Basil Soup £3.95
Mixed Olives & Bread (with feta cheese) £3.95

Bruschetta (V)  £3.95
Traditional toppings of diced tomatoes, fresh basil, drizzled with olive oil on toasted bread
Liver Pate  £3.95
Homemade chicken liver served with toast & coulis
Garlic Mushrooms (V) £4.45
Extremely popular dish of mushrooms in a white wine and cream sauce with garlic
Potato Skins (V) £3.95
Golden crispy potato skins served with garlic or barbecue dip.
Pizza 12"
Traditional stone baked pizzas

Margerita £6.95
Classic mozzarella & tomato
Tuscany £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, pepper & sweetcorn
Pollo Funghi £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, Chicken & mushrooms
Sorrento £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, chicken and sweet corn
Kiev £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, chicken & garlic
Diavola £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, roast onion and meatballs
Mexicana £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, Sliced Italian pepperoni and Jalapenos
Prosciutto Funghi £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham & Mushrooms
Veneto £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham & pineapple
Pepperoni £7.95
Tomato, mozzarella cheese & pepperoni

Penne Arrabiatta (V) £6.95
Classic dish of fresh chilli & garlic in tomato sauce (Very Spicy)
Oven baked lasagne £7.95

Spaghetti Bolognese £7.95
In a rich sauce of tomato, minced beef and herbs tossed in spaghetti
Penne Bellini (V) £7.95
Chicken in a cream and mushroom sauce
Tagliatelle Carbonara £7.95
In cream, bacon, black pepper, egg, parsley and parmesan cheese
Penne Diavola £7.95
In tomato sauce, sliced Italian pepperoni, fresh garlic and chilli
Penne Boscaiola £7.95
Bacon with onion, olives, mushrooms & tomato sauce
Penne Alla Crema £7.95
In a cream, ham & mushroom sauce with black pepper
Risotto @ £8.45

Funghi Risotto (V)
Creamy mushroom risotto
Contadina Risotto
Risotto with chicken and peas in tomato sauce with a touch of cream
Salmone Risotto
Salmon risotto in tomato sauce with a touch of cream
Meat Dishes Steak @ £12.95
Served with a choice of seasonal vegetables or chips

Grilled Sirloin Steak
Served with tomatoes & mushrooms
Sauce of mustard, red wine, mushrooms, demi glace & cream
Sauce of mustard, peppercorn, cream & brandy
In a sauce of Onions, mustard, Peppers, Mushrooms, Brandy & Cream
Cooked with Garlic Butter & White Wine
Pollo (Chicken) @ £9.95
Served with a choice of Seasonal vegetables or chips
Chicken in a sauce of Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, mustard, Brandy & Cream
Breast of chicken in a spicy sauce of onion, peppers, fresh chilli, white wine & tomato
Sauce of demi glace, peppercorn, red wine, mustard, cream & brandy
Chicken cooked in Rosemary, fresh garlic butter, lemon & white wine sauce
Grilled chicken breast in a sauce of tomato, garlic & basil
Julienne chicken in a sauce of Demi-Glace, Onions, Mushrooms, Red Wine, Brandy, mustard, Paprika & Cream

Kids Meals £5.95
1/2 pizza or pasta with chips

Side dishes
Chips £2.95
Olives: £2.95
Onion Rings: £2.95
Asparagus: £2.95
Side Salad £2.95